This year, corporate training professionals and business leaders need to develop training that effectively motivates learners to make a real business impact.nnLet’s face it, many times employee training professionals get too comfortable with what they know about online training and don’t push the envelope. Company innovation has to trickle down.nnHave you ever left a meeting with your department or boss and realized you don’t have the budget or support to create a mobile app or hire the people you need to motivate your learners? Does it get better or worse when you see the rush to mobile and marketing videos your company has created without your involvement? At e³ we love our industry. Moreover, for the first time in many years, we believe that we can take advantage of the changes around us.nnIn 2019, these changes are converging into something that can be harnessed to create incredibly powerful training and improved employee training performance specifically in the areas of technical, compliance training and customer training. We are calling out three areas that are being driven by forces strong enough to drive innovation into the training and education functions in our respective companies: these areas area People, technology, and business environment.nnAccording to Park Communications, experts predict that by 2020, millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce with Gen Z making up 24%. That equates to more than half the entire workforce population! Keeping these learners engaged and motivated in training through rich media, bite-sized content that includes interactive exercise, augmented reality and gamification.  These elements are essential for creating training that is both palatable to the learner and creates real workplace change.nn2/3 of the world have access to mobile devices.  Today’s world population has reached a 5 billion unique mobile subscribers’ milestone, making mobile training and eLearning training not just merely a different delivery method of the same old course.  We have created incredible solutions for our clients based on the use of new technology and continue to strive to view new technologies as outlets for creating better training.nnThe business environment is always changing, and it can be more disruptive than in the past, as the competition grows stronger the need to innovate training is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Companies need to react faster and with more determination to changing market conditions.  Managers should not only focus on cost savings but they also need to focused on training efficiency and retention.  86% of top companies are adopting better training with measurable results.n

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