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Course Interpreting Process Control Diagrams (AIPCD)

Interpreting Process Control Diagrams (AIPCD)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson introduces the common instrument and line symbols and notations used on process control and loop diagrams. The interpretation of process control and loop diagrams is presented as well. Emphasis is placed on identifying the functions of components within the process control system. <br /><br />
Course Instruments in Hazardous Environments (AIS03)

Instruments in Hazardous Environments (AIS03)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson explains the characteristics and importance of intrinsically safe, explosion-proof, and purged and pressurized systems. Installation and maintenance considerations for safety systems are taught, including project planning, wire runs, terminations, and grounding. <br /><br />
Course Heating and Cooling Systems (APO01)

Heating and Cooling Systems (APO01)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson describes the design and operation of various heating and cooling systems utilized in industrial processes. The lesson also presents the principles of heat transfer and its effect on heat exchanger design. In addition, typical control strategies for various heating and cooling systems are presented. <br /><br />
Course Gas Chromatographs (AAS03)

Gas Chromatographs (AAS03)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson introduces participants to gas chromatography and describes gas chromatograph principles of operation, components, and Applications appropriate for gas chromatographs are identified and discussed. <br /><br />
Course Flow Transmitters (AEM02)

Flow Transmitters (AEM02)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson introduces the inspection and repair of electronic flowmeters by demonstrating maintenance procedures for vortex shedding, turbine, magnetic, and mass electronic flowmeters. The lesson describes typical flow transmitter components, their functions, common malfunctions, and procedures for isolating a faulty component. <br /><br />
Course Flow Measurement (AFM02)

Flow Measurement (AFM02)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson describes the properties of fluids that are a factor in the measurement of their flow. In addition, the lesson explains how differential pressure measurements can be used to determine flow rate. Various types of flow measurement devices and their principles of operation are also discussed. <br /><br />
Course Electronic Test Devices (ATI02)

Electronic Test Devices (ATI02)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson describes the operation of electronic test devices as well as the measurement units used with typical test procedures. The lesson also presents the operation of multimeters and multifunction electronic calibrators in electronic test procedures. <br /><br />
Course Electronic Controllers (AEM05)

Electronic Controllers (AEM05)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson presents routine maintenance requirements and calibration procedures for electronic controllers. The lesson shows how controller circuitry works and how to adjust and calibrate each of its component sections: the display, the alarm circuitry, and the control circuitry. <br /><br />
Course Distributed Control Fundamentals (ADC01)

Distributed Control Fundamentals (ADC01)

In InteractivePro1
This lesson provides an understanding of the fundamentals of Distributed Control Systems (DCS). The evolution of computer control systems is discussed and the architecture of contemporary DCS is described in detail. The lesson covers hardware, configuration, data communications, user interface and 1/0 devices. <br /><br />

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