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Course Maintaining Distributed Control Systems

Maintaining Distributed Control Systems

In InteractivePro2
This lesson provides an understanding of the fundamentals of Distributed Control Systems (DCS). The evolution of computer control systems is discussed and the architecture of contemporary DCS is described in detail. The lesson covers hardware, configuration, data communications, user interface and 1/0 devices. <br /><br />
Course Machine and Process Capability Studies (A8506)

Machine and Process Capability Studies (A8506)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson explains the purpose and procedures for performing machine and process capability studies. The lesson shows how to complete and interpret machine capability charts and how to perform a process capability study as well as how to calculate a capability index for a machine and a process. <br /><br />
Course Magnetic Starters (A8009)

Magnetic Starters (A8009)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson explains the parts of a magnetic motor starter and its operation. This lesson discusses the correct procedures for troubleshooting a magnetic motor starter. Participants will learn the proper way to determine the malfunction by use of schematic diagrams, manufacturer??s literature, continuity checks, and voltage and resistance tests. This lesson also defines and demonstrates reversing magnetic motor starters. <br /><br />
Course Lubricant and Trend Analysis (A8303)

Lubricant and Trend Analysis (A8303)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson introduces the principles of lubricant and trend analysis. The lesson shows how to take oil samples and read an oil analysis report as well as how to identify and interpret trends. <br /><br />
Course Lubrication Maintenance (A8402)

Lubrication Maintenance (A8402)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson explains and demonstrates how various types of lubrication systems operate, including ring, bath, splash, constant level and forced feed lubrication systems. Participants learn pertinent maintenance checks to make for each type of system. Manual devices used to apply lubricant are covered as well as the purpose of filters and the importance of filter maintenance in lubrication systems. Additionally, the lesson indicates the benefits of oil sampling and analysis and identifies several factors that can cause lubrication failure. <br /><br />
Course Limit Switches (A8007)

Limit Switches (A8007)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson describes limit switches, how they work, how to recognize them, and typical applications they are used in. This lesson discusses maintenance, troubleshooting, and adjustment requirements for the various limit switches. <br /><br />
Course Level Measurement (AFM04)

Level Measurement (AFM04)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson describes the fundamentals of level measurement and the sensors employed. Applications for both direct and indirect level measurement are covered including float-type devices, hydrostatic head and differential pressure measurements, as well as electrical, ultrasonic, and radiation instruments. <br /><br />
Course Level and Weight Transmitters (AEM03)

Level and Weight Transmitters (AEM03)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson describes the operation, applications, and maintenance of ultrasonic, capacitance, conductivity, and radiation level detectors. The lesson also explains the functions and operation of weighing systems. <br /><br />
Course Introduction to Statistics (A4309)

Introduction to Statistics (A4309)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson provides an introduction to some basic principles of statistics. Emphasis is on statistical functions that are most commonly encountered in the workplace and everyday life. The topics covered include construction and interpretation of charts and graphs. The lesson also explains averages such as mean, median and mode and the appropriate use of each. <br /><br />

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