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Course Principles and Practices of Predictive Maintenance (A8301)

Principles and Practices of Predictive Maintenance (A8301)

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This lesson focuses on the general purpose of an effective predictive maintenance program by showing how methods such as vibration analysis, and lubricant and trend analysis can be used to determine equipment condition and predict equipment life. <br /><br />
Course Pressure Measurement (AFM01)

Pressure Measurement (AFM01)

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This lesson presents the basic principles of pressure measurement and applications of direct and inferred pressure measurement methods. Various pressure instruments are presented including manometers, mechanical pressure sensors, and transducers. <br /><br />
Course Pressure and Temperature Transmitters (AEM01)

Pressure and Temperature Transmitters (AEM01)

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This lesson introduces electronic transmitter maintenance focusing on pressure and temperature transmitters. The lesson describes the components of a typical pressure or temperature transmitter, their functions, adjustments, inspections, and repairs. Procedures for isolating the faulty component in a transmitter are also demonstrated. <br /><br />
Course Preparing Piping for Installation (A8803)

Preparing Piping for Installation (A8803)

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This lesson shows how to set up and use an automatic cutting torch, hot to prepare a pipe end using an end preparation tool, and how to align components for a socket weld joint and butt weld joint. Information on the sequence of the steps involved in each procedure, as well as information on using the necessary tools, is also provided. <br /><br />
Course Precision Measuring Instruments (A8602)

Precision Measuring Instruments (A8602)

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This lesson describes the purpose and the basic components of dial calipers, outside micrometers, inside micrometers, depth micrometers, telescoping gauges, thickness gauges, and dial indicators. The lesson also provides procedures for properly using each of these instruments to measure the dimensions of an object. <br /><br />
Course Positive and Negative Numbers, Powers, and Roots (A4305)

Positive and Negative Numbers, Powers, and Roots (A4305)

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This lesson introduces the concepts of positive and negative numbers, powers and roots. Participants learn how to use positive and negative numbers in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Additionally, the lesson explains formulas and how to use them. The concepts presented in this lesson are designed to prepare participants for algebra. <br /><br />
Course Actuator and Positioner Maintenance (ACV04)

Actuator and Positioner Maintenance (ACV04)

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This lesson introduces participants to causes and symptoms of actuator and positioner malfunctions and applies the concepts and terminology of actuators and positioners to the disassembly, repair, parts replacement and re-assembly of diaphragm and piston
Course Troubleshooting Skills

Troubleshooting Skills

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This is the third lesson in the iKNOW™ Troubleshooting Skills: Developing Logical Thinking Library. This lesson teaches participants to develop a troubleshooting plan to evaluate problems. The importance of schematics in troubleshooting, steps necess
Course Clamp-On Ammeters

Clamp-On Ammeters

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This is the final lesson in the iKNOW™ Ammeters, Meggers, and Wheatstone Bridge Library. This lesson presents the components and features and functions of clamp-on ammeters. The lesson also describes safety considerations that should be noted when selec

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