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Course Introduction to Statistical Process Control (A8501)

Introduction to Statistical Process Control (A8501)

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This lesson introduces statistical process control (SPC) as a prevention method used to reduce quality costs. The lesson explains variability and shows how to construct a histogram to represent it. The normal curve is described as well as its probability
Course Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

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The Personal Protective Equipment course covers the basic responsibilities and hazard controls of employers and employees using PPE. Users will explore how employers protect employees using PPE standards, the responsibilities of employers and employees us
Course Crane Safety

Crane Safety

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Analysis of overhead crane accidents reveals three common safety hazards that every company using overhead lift systems should be aware to keep their workers safe.
Course Information Security for Contracted Employees

Information Security for Contracted Employees

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This course provides information on the basic fundamentals of information security while working at remote locations to include: safe computing, safe remote usage, and social engineering threats.  This course concludes with a five-question final assessme

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