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Course Pipefitting Materials and Layout (A8801)

Pipefitting Materials and Layout (A8801)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson explains the different characteristics of piping systems. The lesson also shows how to read blueprints, how to conduct a field check, and how to measure pipe for installation. Methods of cutting pipe are also included. <br /><br />
Course Inverters – Operation and Maintenance (A8019)

Inverters – Operation and Maintenance (A8019)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson explains the design and operation of inverter drives, and describes control features provided by inverter drive systems. This lesson provides procedures for inspecting and maintaining inverter drives, and gives explanations of common error messages. <br /><br />
Course Oscilloscopes (A8001)

Oscilloscopes (A8001)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson explains and demonstrates the use of both analog and digital oscilloscopes. Participants will learn the controls on each type of oscilloscope, how to use a probe with an oscilloscope, how to set up an oscilloscope, and how to determine various measurements taken with an oscilloscope. <br /><br />
Course Ohm's Law (A8201)

Ohm's Law (A8201)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson shows and explains how a basic DC electrical circuit operates and how voltage, current, and resistance behave in a series circuit, a parallel circuit, and a series parallel circuit. Procedures for using Ohm??s Law to calculate voltage, current, and resistance in a circuit are also provided. <br /><br />
Course Multiple Loop Control (AIP02)

Multiple Loop Control (AIP02)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson explains the application of multiple-loop control strategies to industrial process control systems. The lesson also explains the operation of several types of digital process control systems. <br /><br />
Course Multimeters (A8002)

Multimeters (A8002)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson demonstrates and explains how to use both a digital and an analog multimeter. During this lesson, voltage, resistance, current, capacitance, and frequency are measured. This lesson also describes some of the more common features of a digital multimeter. <br /><br />
Course  Mechanical Seals (A9801)

Mechanical Seals (A9801)

In Miscellaneous
This lesson covers the features, operation, and applications associated with three common analysis and identification, seal removal, disassembly, reassembly, and installation. <br /><br />
Course Memos and Logs (A7203)

Memos and Logs (A7203)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson uses typical workplace memos and logs to provide instruction in reading comprehension and writing skills. Reading skills address paragraph-level comprehension as well as vocabulary improvement using word structure and context clues. Writing skills focus on the organization of the main idea and details in a paragraph. The lesson also explains how to use writing reference books for information about vocabulary or style. <br /><br />
Course Measurement (A4307)

Measurement (A4307)

In InteractivePro2
This lesson reviews the concepts and basic procedures of recognizing, converting, and solving problems using the English and the metric measurement systems. It introduces strategies that participants can apply to estimate metric and English equivalents as well as solving measurement problems with or without a calculator. In addition, participants learn the process of setting up and solving measurement problems with multiple conversions using unit analysis. <br /><br />

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