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A four (4) lesson curriculum that trains participants to select, measure, cut, and install piping properly.


This curriculum is designed so that no prior knowledge is required.


This comprehensive interactive multimedia-training program consists of four lessons that train participants to select, measure, cut, and install piping properly. Blueprint reading is also included.


This program is excellent both for the training of maintenance personnel as well as for the multi-craft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities.


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Pipefitting Materials and Layout (A8801)This lesson explains the different characteristics of piping systems.
The lesson also shows how to read blueprints, how to conduct a field
check, and how to measure pipe for installation. Methods of cutting pipe
are also included.

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Tubing and Threaded Pipe (A8802)This lesson shows how to cut and bend tubing, use tubing fittings, cut
and thread pipe, and use pipefittings. Information on the sequence of
steps involved in each procedure, as well as information on using the
necessary tools, is also provided.

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Lagging and Insulation (A8804)This lesson shows and explains the procedures for measuring and cutting
block insulation for piping elbows and flanges, for installing the
insulation, and for covering the insulation. The lesson includes
information on the sequence in which the steps should be performed and
the materials needed for each step.

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