Programmable Controllers Library

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This three (3) lesson library trains participants to understand programmable controller system operations.


This library is designed for participants familiar with AC/DC theory, electrical safety, basic electrical maintenance procedures, and electrical print reading.


This comprehensive interactive multimedia training program consists of three individual lessons that train participants to understand programmable controller system operations; interpret power flow through ladder logic; and principles of operation, characteristics, and capabilities of analog control using programmable logic controllers.


This program is excellent for the training of electricians and instrument technicians as well as for the multi-craft training needs of process and manufacturing facilities.


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Interpreting Ladder Logic (A9602)This lesson teaches how to interpret programmable controller ladder
logic. The lesson defines the program elements of ladder logic and the
functions that they perform. This includes contacts, coils, and data
functions as well as many of the common ladder logic arrangements.

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Programmable Controllers for Analog Control (APCAA)This lesson teaches the difference between discrete and analog control
and how PLC’s implement PID control modes. It shows different hardware
configurations and how process data is transmitted between components on
a data highway. Programming languages including ladder logic and
function block statements are presented. Additionally, the lesson shows
how PLCs actually work in different process applications and some
routine and preventative maintenance techniques.

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