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This lesson presents operating principles and procedures for using a
variety of test devices including manometers, test gages, portable
pneumatic and hydraulic calibrators, and pneumatic and hydraulic
deadweight testers. Selection of the appropriate test device for a
particular instrument calibration is also discussed.

  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Test Devices

This lesson describes the operation of electronic test devices as well
as the measurement units used with typical test procedures. The lesson
also presents the operation of multimeters and multifunction electronic
calibrators in electronic test procedures.

This lesson describes the features of a temperature calibrator and how
calibrator temperature and sensor type are configured.  This lesson also
describes the reading and maintenance of thermocouplers and
thermocoupler valves.

  • Temperature and Frequency Test Devices

This lesson presents the operating principles and procedures for using
analog and digital oscilloscopes. The lesson also provides an
understanding of how these test devices work, the functions performed,
and how they are utilized. Procedures for using an oscilloscope to
measure amplitude, period, and frequency are also demonstrated.

  • Analog and Digital Oscilloscopes


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