What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates training material, tracks learning progress, provides digital learning tools, manages synchronization between your HR system with a built-in customizable assessment tool. We can help you set up and implement what is undoubtedly the cornerstone of a robust corporate training program in any organization.

Feature & Advantages

Career Pathways

Providing your employees with a clear path to success is critical. Pathways keep everyone motivated and focused on the big prize. Career pathways allow participants to understand the end goal, the skills, and the knowledge needed to succeed in your organization. In addition, we can develop tools within pathways to allow interested participants to explore gaps between their learning path and other positions to help them grow in your organization.

Learning plans

We can help you develop and structure your courses into a cohesive learning plan to grow your team skills. Our instructional engineers will create detailed instructional material and implement the criteria to validate and evaluate the learning prescribed. The best learning plans consist of solid guidance and support.

Social learning

Our social learning features enable open discussion between facilitators and participants to share and learn from one another. We can implement an interactive social learning experience in the LMS between the participants conducive to exploring the training content in depth while increasing engagement.

Multiple content modalities

Our team knows there is no one best way of learning. Therefore, our LMS supports broad training modalities from text-centric to highly interactive. Learning content presented in different modalities keeps participants engaged during their training, minimizing monotony and increasing attention. We can provide you with the content modality that is right for you to ensure maximum retention and engagement. Don't forget to ask us about 360 training, simulation, eLearning scorm, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and video, to name a few.

Instructor lead controls

Instructors can take attendance and organize courses linearly with prerequisite or open play for free exploration in our Learning Management System. Engage with participants via instructor lead synchronous, asynchronous eLearning, or a combination of both. The instructors can also set learning plans to be weekly. Contact us to learn more about our solution and give your instructor the power to manage their lessons.

Compliance tracking

We all know the challenges of tracking the expiration of certificates and keeping up with regulatory requirements in the training department. Unfortunately, many still follow these critical elements in an excel program, exposing the organization to human error, breaking compliance, and possible costly fines. Our system alerts you when to re- engage on a compliance course to renew a certificate. It provides a robust compliance report, allowing your team to seamlessly adhere to the industry's regulations. Schedule a demo to find out how. Let us know if you need to learn more about our Re- engagement/Re-Train tool.

Course creation

Our expert content creators are here to help you create the best-in-class course experience by utilizing the latest technology and know-how to ensure your participants are fully engaging in the new material. Do you need a simulation or a standard video with a few questions? Then, we got the right solution for you. Contact us to learn more about our content development solutions.

Performance evaluation

Having all your employees' training evidence and analytics in one place allows for faster gap analysis and training compliance of your workforce. Contact us to learn how to access real-time data from your HR system to reduce errors, manual updates, and maintenance.


Explore newer ways to keep your team growing and engaged. Through gamification, we increase engagement in the LMS and content consumption. Participants are eager to excel in their craft through a healthy competitive environment where mentoring, active participation, and engagement make you king of the hill. We can adapt your training program to take full advantage of our gamification solution in our LMS or create gamified content to accelerate knowledge transfer and retention.

Custom LMS for Healthcare Industry

Custom Training Solutions

We can help you build internal skills and core competencies with the latest augmented reality solutions. Augmented reality technology also increases equipment reliability and preserves investment in existing gear. Contact us for a free consultation on your specific project needs.

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