Merged reality (XR) for extended reality is a universal term compensating immersive learning technologies that incorporate real-and-virtual collaborative environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology wearables.

Extended Reality (XR) combines camera tracking and real-time rendering to create an immersive virtual environment where participants can manipulate and explore the elements within the virtual environment.

Creating training with extended reality (XR) helps trainees learn 70% more efficiently by implementing action-based learning activating muscle memory within the training session.

Consider the possibilities of having a hands-on job performed virtually in a simulation during your onboarding or before arriving at the job location—the approach significantly increases efficiencies while promoting safety in a secure, fail-safe environment.

Leading The Way

Merged reality is leading the way in the immersive reality revolution! eCubed uses XR to create training experiences with lasting training results. The training development approach focuses on technical skills and cognitive abilities, which improve exponentially through immersive reality experiences.

Exposing your workforce to these training experiences will extend the skills sets needed to work effectively before accessing the actual situation, giving them a safe space to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.

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