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4-Gas Lift Forms


Product description

According to many industry experts Gas Lift (GL) is the least understood artificial lift method, but the reason behind that is not its complexity. While when you do things wrong on other artificial lift methods (e.g. ESP) your well will stop producing, a GL well will often keep on producing even with a bad design. Hence many operators often do not realize that their GL well is not producing at its full potential and don’t pay attention to it.
There is therefore a very significant potential for production increase by understanding the principles of GL and this is a huge opportunity for any engineer willing to master this activation method.

This class will present you the different forms of GL that you can find in the oil industry.


Participants will acquire a good knowledge of the existing forms of gas lift activation. Pros & cons of each configuration will be discussed giving the participants the ability judge if a better form of GL is available for their well.


  • GL system
  • GL principle & continuous GL
  • Intermittent GL
  • Plunger lift
  • Chamber lift
  • Dual GL completion
  • Concentric GL
  • Self GL
  • Annular flow
  • Side string injection
  • Pig lift
  • Packerless GL
  • GL as a backup for ESP
  • GL & jet or hydraulic piston pump

Designed for:

  • Production, Petroleum or Well Performance Engineers to explore the possible GL configurations available for their wells
  • Field Production Personnel to understand the principle of activation of their GL wells and what parameters they should pay attention to
  • Completion or Surface Facilities Engineers to understand what they can do to help designing and optimizing the right GL configuration for each well.


  • Understanding of the well production mechanisms (inflow & outlfow) is preferred
  • Basic knowledge on well architecture
  • Awareness on the oilfield terms


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