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5-Gas Lift Equipment


Product description

According to many industry experts Gas Lift (GL) is the least understood artificial lift method, but the reason behind that is not its complexity. While when you do things wrong on other artificial lift methods (e.g. ESP) your well will stop producing, a GL well will often keep on producing even with a bad design. Hence many operators often do not realize that their GL well is not producing at its full potential and don’t pay attention to it.
There is therefore a very significant potential for production increase by understanding the principles of GL and this is a huge opportunity for any engineer willing to master this activation method.

This class is the 2nd of the series of courses related to gas lift activation. It follows the 1st course “Forms of GL” and will present you the different equipment used for GL activation. While it is not possible to be exhaustive in describing existing GL equipment, this course does contain more information that you will find in most of the GL trainings available in the industry.


Participants will acquire a deep knowledge of the available GL equipment. Subject will be discussed from a well intervention, completion as well as from a production point of view. This will allow engineers to select the right equipment for their design, to increase their production by performing more reasoned troubleshooting and to unlock complex well intervention situations.


  • Conventional and side pocket mandrels
  • Gas lift mandrels with check valve
  • Latches
  • Running/pulling /kick over tools
  • Side Pocket Mandrel and Kick Over Tools
  • 1st generation of kick over tools
  • Special kick over tools for high well deviation
  • Well unloading
  • Gas lift valve types
  • Dummy valves
  • Gas lift pack off
  • Orifice valves
  • Venturi orifices
  • Unloading valves
  • Casing and tubing pressure operated valves
  • Gas lift valve calibration procedure
  • Gas lift valve test block and AVT
  • Valve throttling effect
  • Flag valve
  • Special gas lift valves
  • Gas lift valves and mandrels configurations to achieve annular or tubing flow, production or injection pressure operated system.
  • VPC
  • Electric gas lift valves
  • Gas lift injection below packer
  • Surface equipment
  • Plunger lift equipment

Designed for:

  • Production, Petroleum or Well Performance Engineers to explore the possible GL equipment available for them to use in their wells
  • Field Production Personnel to understand how their day to day GL equipment work
  • Completion or Well Intervention Engineers to understand fully the operations related to GL equipment installation.


  • Understanding of the well production mechanisms (inflow & outlfow) is preferred
  • Knowledge of the existing forms of GL
  • Basic knowledge on well architecture
  • Awareness on the oilfield terms


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