360° training is a lean-in training experience, allowing the trainees to explore multiple training scenarios. This experience is most effective when high engagement and retention are the desirable outcomes. Therefore, the 360° training solution assures active engagement of participants during critical topics, eliminating trainees’ disengagement and fatigue.

360° Components
The implementation of 360° training does not need expensive virtual reality hardware or significant programming knowledge, making it accessible for your training needs. Built using a standard 360° video camera, panoramic imagery, and engineering models, the experience can quickly come to fruition and be a capstone to your training program.

360° Technology

Much like google maps, the experience is almost identical. The divergence occurs when implementing training elements such as training videos, documentation, and interactive exercises—allowing subject matter experts and instructional training designers to incorporate key knowledge and trackable reference elements in the 360-training environment.

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Electrical Grid 360° Demo

Virtual Reality Competencies Skills

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