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  • Modular training programs, AR/VR
  • Simulation training
  • Employee onboarding
  • Engagement
  • Progress tracking
  • Services and development models

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Improve retention and make faster hiring decisions with the FIT Assessment Tool. Once you've got your dream-team, streamline the employee development journey with a custom Learning Management System (LMS) solution.

Which training solution is right for you?

A person using virtual reality equipment can look around the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items. VR can simulate real workspaces for occupational safety, health, educational, and training purposes.

Your company can use VR to allow employees to practice with real-world scenarios without the real-world consequences of damaging expensive equipment, getting hurt, or hurting others.

Augmented Reality (AR) training makes the knowledge transfer more efficient and safer - while lowering training time and maximizing knowledge retention.

Augmented Reality solutions can provide your frontline workers with critical troubleshooting support in a just-in-time format. While also providing a cost-effective way to transfer knowledge to your new workers during the onboarding.

Simulation training can optimize safety by addressing the human factors at play by assessing and mitigating human error during specific operations. It proves effectiveness when training methods are affected and limited by place, weather, personnel, equipment conditions, etc.

Simulation training provides an opportunity to apply theory and gain experience in skills or procedures, which provides trainees with the confidence to manage similar real-life scenarios. Helping trainees gain confidence, they are more comfortable making their own decisions and exerting their autonomy.

In our Learning Management System, the ability to manage curriculums, tasks, and certification expiration is at its core. Track multiple departments, create a custom notification, and empower your supervisor to manage their workforce. Our Learning management systems deploy convenient, anytime training to keep your workforce updated. In addition, administrators can track and run essential completion reports on employee progression with individual development breakdowns, email alerts, badges, an internal notification system, and more.

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A comprehensive talent sourcing platform.

FIT is the premiere talent acquisition and talent management solution. Designed to help develop every aspect of your workforce.

See how the FIT Assessment Tool can boost your competitive advantage with the most effective way to find and attract exceptional talent.

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Talent acquisition involves the process employers use for recruiting, tracking, and interviewing job candidates, as well as onboarding and training of new employees. It's a difficult job to assess the level of talent you're looking to acquire.

Improving Efficiency in the Hiring Process (June 2021)

Training methods have changed a lot over the years. With the rise of high-tech methods using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality we're moving away from traditional classrooms to adaptive online learning.

Adaptive Learning Trends (Oct 2021)

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