Welcome to eCubed!

eCubed Training is a professional training and content development company with a passion for improving performance through technology. We have over 20 years of experience in the e-learning space.

We offer online training courses, advanced career training, and personal skills fundamentals topics that will generate a return on the investment. Our innovative process offers flexible, and practical solutions which will enhance the skills, knowledge, and performance needed to succeed.

Our goal is to modernize and revitalize content, making the transmission of information more efficient, safer and more intuitive through the use of mixed reality technology. The use of these immersive reality technologies allow us to create eye-catching presentations and ensure knowledge retention. As well as, design custom courses or an entire curriculum to address the exact conditions and skills required to get the job done right!

Online training courses start monthly with twice-weekly lesson plans. For the independent learner, our self-paced courses provide access to all lessons immediately with up to three months complete.

Our Expertise

Online training

Flash Replacement

Custom Course Development

Instructor Based Training

Online Content Remediation


Industry Training (Online)

  • Our online course collection includes the most engaging courses for your employees’ professional development. These courses are highly-curated by subject matter experts for accuracy and high retention.

Learning Management System (Online)

  • TalentPRO Learning Management System (LMS) unifies virtual, classroom, mobile and social learning in a secure, intuitive training experience.

Data -Driven Apps

  • We developed first in class app solutions that manages data funnel model that identifies sources and tools for connected workers.

Curricula Development

Augmented Reality (AR) Training

Software Development

Simulation Solutions

Instructional Design

We revolutionized talent training so you can retain a productive workforce with high job satisfaction rates.

We think outside of the box which allows us to leverage new technology making training more effective and engaging.

We maximize information transfer and knowledge retention through a combination of innovative tailored solutions.