The Next Frontier of Training

To modernize and revitalize training, we make transmission and distribution of knowledge more efficient, intelligent and safer through augmented reality. Using our next generation technology we are able to lower time delays and maximize knowledge retention. We can create custom displays and courses to your exact specifications. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Low-medium-voltage and high-voltage circuit breaker augmented reality solutions provide your frontline workers with critical support to troubleshooting time while providing a cost-effective way to transfer knowledge to your new workers through augmented reality (AR) technology. This increases equipment reliability and preserves the investment in existing gear. Our AR circuit breakers concept provides frontline workers with access to subject matter experts and information on core operating standards, procedures and design information. Using AR reduces operating costs, maintenance expenditures, and training costs. This kind of training can help employees retain more information, be less costly and get them back to work faster, creating a great return of investment. Get a free consultation today!

Custom Solutions and Consultations

Do you need help building internal skills and core competencies within your organization? Using the newest mixed reality solutions we can do exactly that and ensure better retention on the part of the learning. Contact us for a consultation on designing custom courses to your needs.