Talent acquisition involves the process employers use for recruiting, tracking, and interviewing job candidates, as well as onboarding and training of new employees. It’s a difficult job to assess the level of talent you’re looking to acquire. So, let’s discuss how to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process!

Utilize an ATS

The most important element of an efficient recruitment strategy is an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS enables recruiters to track applicants over the course of the entire recruitment process — from application to offer letters — and automate communications so elite candidates don’t fall through the cracks.

Only Include Must-Haves in Your Job Descriptions

Don’t scare anyone off too soon! Studies show that women are less likely to apply to jobs where they don’t meet 100% of the criteria, while men will apply to jobs for which they meet 60% of the requirements. Including unnecessary details — such as certifications you’re willing to train for or secondary responsibilities — will drastically narrow your talent pool.

Prioritize Candidate Communication

Leaving interested prospects hanging will turn them off your company and toward another. Keep in contact with applicants throughout the entire process, even if it’s just to check in and say provide an update. Elite candidates are likely fielding multiple offers or are at least on the radar of other organizations. If they haven’t heard from you in a while or don’t have an idea of when they can expect to hear from you, they’re not going to wait around.

Here are three suggestions to attract elite candidates:

✦ Meet elite candidates where they are

✦ Streamline your interview process

✦ Showcase your culture

Lean On Your Current Employees

When it comes to filling open roles, turn to your existing team members to boost your recruitment efforts without racking up costs. Use these three tactics to engage your current workforce in your recruitment strategy.

✦ Look for inside hire

✦ Create a referral program

✦ Leverage your employees as recruiters

Build Out Your Talent Pipeline

Prior to asking for employee recommendations and posting a job description, first look for employees that you can promote from within and then open applications up to your current employees. An inside hire already knows your team, the business and positively contributes to your culture, which mitigates the onboarding process for an outside candidate. Implement an employee referral program to encourage candidate recommendations and get creative with the incentives you offer your employees. Monetary rewards are common, but your team may be more enticed by experiences, like a weekend getaway with a plus one.

Good people know good people. Build an internal employer branding team and leverage the people in your organization as recruiters by tapping into their digital networks. Provide employees with social copy and an engaging image — it doesn’t have to be professionally polished — and ask them to post it on their social media profiles. Doing so will increase your chances of receiving applications from quality candidates and help build your talent pipeline.

Continually sourcing candidates for roles before they become vacant will greatly reduce your time-to-hire. Building your talent pipeline — especially for roles with historically high turnover — will enable you to engage prospective candidates early.

It’s estimated that, on average, it takes 36 days to fill a given position and costs $4,425. When a role opens in your company, how long does it typically take to fill?

Most organizations do not have that kind of time or money to dedicate to hiring every new employee, which makes improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process all the more vital. Leverage existing resources and utilizing the right tools to find the right fit!


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