Forms and Applications (A7202)

This 1993 Cindy Award Winner in Education interactive multimedia training program consists of five lessons. This program trains participants to improve reading and writing skills on the job through instruction and practice with realistic workplace applications. The program also includes a diagnostic pretest which can be used to place participants at the appropriate lesson in the program.

Audience: This program is excellent for employees in all disciplines who need to improve their ability to understand what they read and to write more closely.


This lesson is designed to build on the skills presented in the first lesson of this program, Reading and Writing Procedures and Instructions.


This lesson uses typical workplace forms and applications to provide instruction in reading sentences as well as vocabulary improvement using word structure and context clues. Writing skills focus on selecting precise information to answer a question as well as basic punctuation. The lesson also explains how to scan a document to get a general overview of the content.


Comprehend single- and multiple-sentence Details. Use common root words, prefixes, and suffixes to help determine meaning from context using compare and contrast methods. Select precise information for a written response to a question. Capitalize words properly. Determine the purpose of a document by skimming and scanning it.