Gamification for the New Generations

One specific benefit to gamification is that it delivers a longer-term adherence to the task at hand. In addition to promoting specific learning gains, gamification has excellent applications in education and training

Typical Applications

Gamification is defined as the application of typical elements of game playing (rules of play, point scoring, competition with others) to other areas of activity, specifically to engage users in problem-solving training. Gamification has excellent applications in education and training. In addition to promoting specific learning gains, games are a form of active learning. In some cases, gamification includes the use of badges – think scouting merit badges in digital form – to promote knowledge retention and recognize competencies.

Gamification Advantages

One specific goal that gamification promise is to deliver a longer-term adherence to the task at hand. Behavioral scientists’ look at helping people attain better outcomes through design interventions that engage individuals in activities where the likelihood of completion increases through gamification. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of gamification.

Gaming Player Investment

Gaming today attracts players around a game that invest an incredible amount of intellectual work in the process. When they’re done with the challenge, they then leave the game and go to another game that’s more challenging. Can you imagine this type of engagement in a training environment?

Top 5 Key Points For Content Gamification

When developing or converting existing content to a gamification format experience, make sure you keep the following point in mind:

  1. Understanding the target audience and the context
  2. Defining the learning objectives
  3. Structuring the experience
  4. Identifying resources
  5. Applying gamification elements

Want To Gamify Your Training Content?

The likelihood of task completion increases through gamification as employees spend longer periods of time on task and engaged in activities. We design custom training solutions using gamification methods to help you get your employees properly educated and back at work.

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