How Does It Work?

Standard virtual reality systems use virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to generate realistic images, sounds, movements, and sensations. A person using virtual reality equipment can look around the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items.

VR can simulate real workspaces for occupational safety, simulation, and training purposes. For example, your company can use Virtual Reality to allow employees to interact with real-world expensive and dangerous equipment without the real-world consequences of failing.

Let us create your next Virtual Reality (VR) training simulation. Our 3D engineers and game developers are ready to make your three-dimensional environment experience. This solution is perfect for simulating work and procedures where muscle memory and environment-specific situations are critical for providing the entire training experience. We got your back on Virtual Reality (VR). Let’s meet up for a demonstration and a deep dive discussion.

Leading The Way

Virtual reality is leading the way in the immersive reality revolution! eCubed uses VR to create training experiences with lasting training results. The training development approach focuses on technical skills and cognitive abilities, which improve exponentially through immersive reality experiences.

Exposing your workforce to these training experiences will extend the skills sets needed to work effectively before accessing the actual situation, giving them a safe space to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.

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Virtual Reality Crane Operator

Immersive Reality Solutions Expected To Reach $27 billion

The immersive reality revolution is here! Virtual reality is finally a cost-effective tool which is proven to produce better results. New examples of virtual reality and augmented reality (“VR”/”AR”) training solutions for Industry Base Training have reduced troubleshooting time by 75%, and increased confidence gained by frontline workers by 100%. Join the revolution!

Technology Utilization

Immersive technology has already being utilized by fortune 500 companies to train personnel and minimize non-productive time (“NPT”). But even the best technology has a limited impact if you don’t deploy it efficiently. We are experienced professionals who create custom scenarios for this proven technology, to improve training and advance education. We can provide virtual training solutions for healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction, among others. Contact us now!

Virtual Reality Competencies Skills

We can help you build internal skills and core competencies in the latest mixed-reality technologies.
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