Talent acquisition generally refers to the process employers use for recruiting, tracking and interviewing job candidates. It also can involve the onboarding and training of new employees, typically a function of the human resources department within a company. Their job includes the process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing, suitable candidates for positions within an organization. This is obviously no easy feat, so let’s discuss how to improve the process.n

First and foremost, why do we do it?

An infamous corporate dilemma sees the CFO say to the CEO “what if we train our employees and they leave?” to which the CEO responds “what if we don’t and they stay?”nnIt may seem like a cliché, but similar conversations happen all the time. Generally occurring in a small or medium-sized business, where resources are limited, it is in these very businesses, however, where basic training and talent acquisition tactics are sometimes the most needed.nnThere are practical things that can be done to ensure this investment is returned. If you do decide to invest in the growth and development of your people, some will leave but with those that don’t, you can enjoy a return on investment (ROI) that makes the time and money spent worthwhile.n

How to assess talent?

The effects of hiring mistakes can affect team morale, diversity targets and reduce overall efficiency throughout the organization. More recruiters are turning to pre-employment testing to help them decide on candidates. They come in various forms and are often completed digitally.Personality tests, for example, are designed to find out more about job candidates as part of the hiring process. The answers to the personality test provide a description of the type of person a candidate is. These tests are designed to uncover personality traits which may or may not make a candidate a good fit for a role.The search for the right candidates can also benefit by using a language test before or after initial interviews. This is particularly useful in international companies but serves to show employers a candidates comprehension and mastery of language skills, streamlining the hiring process. Multidimensional analysis provides a clear extrapolation of candidates to fit the job. There are technical tests which provide employers with an understanding of the breadth of knowledge and experience the candidate possesses. Together these tests contribute to an efficient process of acquiring talent. Multidimensional analysis aids in selecting the right stuff. Allowing your team to grow in strength and increase efficiencies.

Increase Efficiencies, Reduce Uncertainty 

FIT IN TEST (FIT)’s multidimensional analysis provides a better way to vet new candidates. We do it faster, better and at a lower cost.The FIT advantage provides faster assessment for new industry entrants and you can do more with our efficient workflows and data gathering. We perform talent acquisition evaluation to ensure a better talent pool, laying out multi-data points for more informed decision making. To get started you would need to select the number of candidates you need to process through the assessment tool and the multifaceted data you wish to analyze. Once we understand your out of the box requirements the implementation can be completed in days. From there, we create a map from hiring to management to excellence!n

Why talent management works well with talent acquisition

Talent Acquisition is the process of attracting and hiring qualified people. Talent Management is how you develop and retain these skilled hires. This brings us back to the corporate dilemma, if you attract and hire good employees but don’t invest in their development, you won’t be able to retain them and/or unleash their true potential. Talent Management really describes the anticipation of required human capital for an organization and the planning to meet those needs.Using our proven Learning Management System (LMS) for onboarding and new hire training, test customization that curates curricula to your organization’s essential talent question strategy, and FIT’s robust talent acquisition engine, FIT easily integrates into your organization. In conjunction with our robust data reporting tools, FIT can create, launch, and manage an unparalleled hiring solution for your team.The majority of companies recognize that digital tools can streamline their productivity and results, but many fail to realize that digital adoption can also help to attract and retain amazing talent within an organization. Successful digital adoption combined with a team of highly talented employees is the perfect combination to ensure that a business stays competitive – regardless of the industry. If you take too long, you may lose great talent to other opportunities.nnFIT provides you with a faster, reliable, and best-in-class workflow to fit your retention strategy.Interested in learning more? Download our free FIT Assessment Tool Infographic to stay ahead of the latest in hiring solutions, and  contact us to find out what we can do for your company today!