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Simulations for a Real World Experience

Simulation training can optimize safety by addressing the human factors at play by assessing and mitigating human error during specific operations. It proves its effectiveness when training methods are affected and limited by place, weather, personnel, equipment conditions, etc.


Five Key Points When Deploying a Simulations:

Simulation tools for soft skill training and technical skills prove effective in transferring complex skills.  However, it is only a tool.  For the tools to be useful one must use it effectively, keep these following points in check when deploying a simulation training scenario:

  1. Use structure exercises
  2. Assess performance and provide feedback
  3. Instructional features should be present within the simulation
  4. The feedback mechanism in the simulation should provide the opportunity to assess and diagnose the participant(s) performance
  5. Lessons learned should transferable to the skill set required by the job

Simulation Training

Simulation training has a long and compelling history in the training industry to teach new or refresh cognitive behavior and muscle memory in the medical, aviation, industrial, and the military. However, for a simulation to be useful it must be effective.

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