Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Solutions

Virtual reality and augmented reality training solutions for Industry Base Training have reduced troubleshooting time by 75%. While increasing confidence gained by frontline workers by 100%. Teaching industrial skills has never been more efficient if you have the right tools. eCubed training can help you modernize and revitalize training processes. Get a free consultation today!

Technology Utilization

Research shows augmented reality and virtual reality is expected to reach $27 billion this year. This technology is already being utilized by fortune 500 companies to train personnel, optimize equipment reliability and minimize non-productive time (NPT).  eCubed Training is investing heavily in this proven technology to improve training for you. We are increasing knowledge retention through AR and VR solutions for healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing and construction industries, among others.

Benefits of AR / VR

VR/AR training solutions include a platform for Industry Base Training Simulation, Electrical Safety Certification in VR, Service Training, and AR Maintenance Aid. The ROI results: reduced time to troubleshoot by 75%, increased confidence by 100%, increased knowledge retention, improved job satisfaction and lowered the time spent away from work for training. What’s not to love, get a free consultation today!

Leading the Way

eCubed Training is revitalizing training solutions to the changes brought about by VR/AR. We implore companies to take full advantage of the current wave of technology through training solutions.  VR training development focuses on technical skills, as well as cognitive abilities, which can be improved through virtual reality simulations. Exposing your workforce to this type of training and technology will extend the skills needed for them to work effectively. We are leading the way and as your partner in training we want you by our side!

Virtual reality and Augmented Realty Competencies Skills

We can help you build custom courses to assess core competencies and teach new skills using the latest virtual reality technology. Tell us about your custom development needs or explain how we can improve upon your existing content.